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about myself

Little Doris


When I was a little kid....

3 months old

The day I was born, was a Wednesday. Not everyone can be a Sunday's child! Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day, at least for my proud parents. I, however, cannot remember a thing. But there are some photos, stories told by my parents and grandparents and Super8 films (how old fashioned). < 3 months>

7 months old

The skill of eating – and biiiig eyes. At the time, spinach was a nightmare. Today though it is, together with mashed spuds, my favourite dish: Green puree with Yellow puree. < 7 months >

At that age, all children believe in Santa Claus, don't they?
How much would I have liked to play with the shiny and colourful globes, and to tug at the glossy lametta threads – if only I had been allowed!
< Christmas 1969, 7 months>

Christmas, 7 months old
with Grandma, 9 months old

Three generations united, in the backyard of my Grandma's place. Actually, it's the third-order backyard, a building style so typical for old Berlin houses. < 9 months>

1 year old

On above mentioned backyard, my Grandpa had established a flower bed. This was to bring some Green into the dreary Greys of the surrounding walls. With shovel and spade I had my first flower bed to tend to – a Green Thumb needs practice from early on. < 1 year >

How practical, without teeth it's no problem to stick the fingers into the mouth!

in red leather trousers
with wheel barrows

Already at the age of 3 years showed the first signs of a practical bent

And not long afterwards the inquisitive nature came through. Here with my primitive microscope, consisting of glued together plastic parts. Hair, thick as tree trunks, amazed me . Further examinations involved a frog preserved in formaldehyde. Please note the pretty pattern of the wall paper!

with microscope and Dad


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