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about myself

Little Doris


  Reichstag in Berlin

Self portrait

me in black and whiteI was born and grew up in Berlin, a city divided at the time by a cruel wall. Early on I developed an interest in travel, nature and watersports.

  kayak on roof of car

During school and university, my spare time was spent outdoors, combining travel cum fieldwork and fun. Medieval castles, rocks & fossils, edible plants and different languages mix well to a great experience!

<car Kermit with Southern Light double kayak, Dunedin, New Zealand>

  dikes cross cutting relationship

Stumbling over strange volcanic rocks during my MSc and a practical work experience in Australia led me to a PhD project "as far away from home as possible" (as my father put it), to New Zealand.

Ever since I am really hooked to volcanoes, expressed in the places I've been to - Mexico, East Pacific Rise, Italy, France, Australia, Namibia, Indonesia and of course Germany.

<intrusions, Desolation Sound, west coast Canada>

  mineral water advertisment

Work has sent my around the world, first back to Germany and onwards to Canada, always in pursuit of volcanic mysteries.....


<non-alcoholic advertisment>

  small ship and big ship

And ultimately I am captivated by the magic of seafaring - irrespective of small or big ships, but especially research vessels!


<tiny paddler and big container ship>






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